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"Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it" -- Confucius

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I wanted to let you know about the small town where I have passed the first few years of my life. Its a place called JOWAI,MEGHALAYA. I have stayed there only till the 1990 yet I still remember the roads from my school "St. Mary Mazzarello High School" to my house. My school was so beautiful and I had some of the most onderful friends and teachers. I remember my Dad taking me to see the Behdiengkhlam festival and also the Bangladesh boarder. Its a beautiful place which most people dont know, so just putting down a few details.

Jowai also known as Jwai is the headquarters of Jaintia Hills district of the state of Meghalaya in India.It is a very scenic place which is located on top of a plateau which is surrounded on three sides by the Myntdu river boredering Bangladesh to the south (about 50 km from the indo-bangla border). Situated at an altitude of 1380 m above sea level.The tribals in that area are called Jaintias and they belongs to the Hynniewtrep branch of the Austric race. As all the tribes of Meghalaya, the jaintias are also matrilineal in character.

The two most important festivals celebrated by the Jaintias are the Behdiengkhlam festival and Laho Dance festival. Behdiengkhlam festival is held generally in the rainy season of July or August. This festival is also regarded as the most colorful festival of the Jaintias. Laho dance is a part of the festivities of Behdiengkhlam festival. Laho is performed for sheer entertainment.

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  • Syndai : It is famous for the caves and caverns which had served as the hiding place during war between Jaintia kings and the foreign tribes. 
  • Thadalaskein Lake : One of the very famous lakes of Meghalaya, it is believed to be built by the followers of Sajjar Niangli, who was a general of the Jaintia Kings but had revolted against the king, with bow ends to mark the escape of the whole community from the Jaintia kingdom. 
  • Nartlang : The very famous rock structures built in memory of the ancient warriors by Mar Phalungki attract thousands of tourists every year. These monoliths reflect the history of megalithic culture of the people of Hynniewtrep tribe.


I love to learn new things about places and the people whose blogs I read. I really enjoyed today's post. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

The noth Eastern part of India is a really interesting place and seldom visited.

I miss my childhood Days. I studied there only for two years 1988 to 90. My class teacher Mrs. Philips. Miss Lucy and Miss Rosy used to love me very much. I don't know the author of the blog but you really touched my memories. May I know the author pls.

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