About Me

Hello All...!!!!
         I am Priyanka from Bangalore, India. I consider myself to be a person of many different interests; i enjoy cooking, watching tv, shopping, reading, writing.....etc etc. and recently have started trying my hands into blogging.

  1. I love being with the computer....not only just work or blogging. I enjoy surfing and learning new stuffs basically R & D on my system. Like I have designed my blog on my own  ..
  2. I am totally addicted to TV  . The first thing is do when I wake up is switch on the TV and its on the whole time I am at home.I would be watching some cooking shows or cartoon or movies.
  3. I never cook on Friday's , generally i get some KFC chicken and watch TV till 3-4 in the morning  .
  4. I prefer to visit different restaurants and try out different types of food.
  5. I absolutely adore travelling...I love to go to different place and not only see the tourist attractions but also meet different people and have the local food.I love to spend time watching the architectural beauty of the old buildings.
  6. I love dancing...have got degree in Kathak dance. Had the opportunity to perform in several programs.
  7. I wanted to become an architect  and I still love to see beautiful house....I can spends minutes staring at a beautiful house....So next time if you catch me staring at your house don't get shocked or annoyed...take it as an appreciation for your house  .

         I have named my blog as VERSATILITY.....the name popped into my head when I was thinking what would I like to write about , as you can guess by now I have opinion about many different things .It seemed like a wonderful place to share my thoughts,ideas and opinion with you regarding the various things I ponder about.