Sunday, March 20, 2011

DADU & THAMMA -- My Paternal Grandparents

"Grandparents make the world...a little softer, a little kinder, a little warmer". ---- Author Unknown 

                                                                                         pic from Fine Art America
It will definitely be a shock to my family that I am writing something about my paternal grand-parents, why ? coz I have never seen them. They left us just a year before I was born....can anything be worse than that?! However the picture that my parents and especially my mom has painted about them is so warm and  beautiful that I am missing not being with them.

My dad is generally a quiet person and he talks even less about his parents, we can all understand why  . My dad's story would be about his childhood, it would be about how he was punished by my grand-father for all the wrongs he did and how my sweet, innocent grand-mom would protect him. She would stand by him in all conditions. However my grand-father was very proud of my dad.....not only did my dad finish his engineering but he did it with flying colors. I am very proud of my dad  too.....he has built a beautiful house for my grandparents sadly they could not stay in it for long. Even now my dad looks after his bothers and sisters without expecting or getting anything in return.....surely he must have got all this patience and the sense of responsibility from my grand-parents.My dad had recorded  my grand-father words and when I go home we all sit and hear those words from an utterly handsome grandfather... :)

My mom told me that my grand-father was a tall, handsome and serious person and my grand-mother was a short, a little healthy , very cute and a soft-spoken person....seeing their photos has made it clear that my mom has perfectly described them and also they make a beautiful and sweet couple. Hearing all the stories from my Mom about my Grandparents , I have realized one thing for sure ---- they loved my mom a lot and it was a mutual feeling . Job kept my dad and mom away from home......but my grandparents would write a letter to mom every week with all the big and small stories that happened in the house and even in the town...isn't that so sweet?  My mom has preserved all those letters, now when I go home she would read them to me. 

                                                                                         pic from Chrisgribble
The unconditional love that they shared is highly commendable. Seeing their relation has made me question several times over the year that how can any in-law be cruel to their daughter-in law. If any one asks my mom about my grand-parents, she has so many wonderful stories to share and even after so many years, that they have left, still my mom can never stop crying while talking or even thinking about them. During the time when the daughter-in-laws and mother-in-laws seems to be the opposite ends of a river, my mom and her mother-in-law were the best of friends. 

Even though I never been with them in person, but the words from my parents had made me feel their presence at every walk of my life..... I miss not having them with me but I know they are watching over me.... :) 


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