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“Life is beautiful. Cherish every moment of it...Even if you're stressed or hurt or dishearten...there's always tomorrow when the sun will rise for you. Always be hopeful it will get better !!!!”......UNKNOWN AUTHOR.

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Life is a beautiful gift that needs to be cared and loved everyday. Life is not a bed of roses for anyone and its definitely better this way. Imagine if you were always happy and contented how monotonous would it get. Life is made of ups and downs, basically its the DOWNS that help us appreciate every small UPS we face in our day to day life. I have seen several times people wait for something big to happen and base their happiness on that, however I believe that it good to dream of that next big thing that would change your life but never get go off the small things. Its these small happiness that help to build a sweet and beautiful life filled with wonderful memories. 

We all know and believe that life is a one time gift and it should be lived to the fullest. However we can often find ourselves dragging it........ has anyone asked you 'Hows life?' and have you ever answered- 'Going on' or 'Pulling on'..... then you know what I am talking about. That should not be the life you build for yourself you need to live the life not pull it. We all face hard times and when you have to face it alone it gets tough - agreed - but does not mean you let life go by... all you have to do is pull up your socks and face it..... it will just be a few days of hardship and then life will become wonderful again. I agree that its easier said then done but if we don't stand for ourselves no one will. Never think you are the only one facing the hard times everyone does. Its very easy and common these days for people to give up with every onset of trouble..... but do soldiers give up so easily.... NO.... so why should we after all we are our own soldiers. 

I am no expert on this matter even I want to give up when the going gets tough, its my Mamoni who helps me a lot to fight back these tough times. So I believe look for that one person you can count on no matter how difficult the matter gets. At times we think only I can solve my problems , yes its a good attitude..... however I have always felt that talking to my support system(My Mamoni) helps me a lot. Even I deal with my problem in my own way, but when she hears me she makes me stronger to face it. Everyone can give you advice but you always need a person who just listens to you and just says -- Don't Worry , You Can Do It. So no matter where this life takes you and how difficult it gets --- think about yourself and never give up ---- LOVE OUR OWNSELF ALWAYS...!!!

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Listing a few points which I think can help everyone to LIVE their life.
  • Its ok to make mistakes, we all do . Just learn from your past mistakes, forgive yourself and move on.
  • Health is wealth. Let your health and wellness a top priority and always take care of yourself 
  • Find the humor in life and laugh as much as you can as if there is no tomorrow.
  • Find happiness within yourself , let it not be revolved around people. At the same time spend time with people who make you happy. 
  • Trust and believe in yourself and never let people’s opinions influence you too much. 
  • Be thankful for what you have instead of thinking about what you don’t have. 
  • Believe in your individuality, never compare you life with someone else's. Your life is unique like you are. 
  • Keep a check on your negative thoughts so that they don’t contribute to the outcome of your life. 
  • Be bold to face changes and accept them with open arms. Find the courage to change things that should be changed and accept that there are some things that cannot be changed. 
  • Our work life largely influence our life as a whole so love your work. If you don’t find out what you would love to do and give a start. 
  • Live in now and love the present , be aware of your thoughts and actions. Think happy thoughts and speak powerful words. 
  • Don't live your life from the sides , get on the field and face it. 
  • Not everyone will like you and those who like does you will not like everything about you. Be ok with that , that's a part of your uniqueness. 
  • Everyday do something that makes you proud of yourself. 
  • Never hold grudges against anyone and always keep moving forward. 

 P.S. : The mentioned points are something I have thought about and may not be perfect. Also in reading this if anyone is hurt ... I am sorry that's not my intention I just want to encourage myself and everyone to live their life to the fullest.



Yes Nice thought. Good compilation. Definately thats should be the motto "Don't take life too serious"

I will describe it in two lines,All is well,n thoughts r the key which changes the life in a fraction of second .so its doesn't matter life is serious or cool.

good thoughts and words. I am sure that it will encourage people who read it.
prakash i k

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