Tuesday, December 6, 2011

DADU and DIDA---My Maternal Grandparents

"Grandparents are a delightful blend of laughter, caring deeds, wonderful stories and Love" ~author unknown

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A while back I introduced you to my paternal grandparents and today I want to share about my maternal grandparents. They are no longer here with me but the very little time I had with them is something I will treasure for ever. I love to sit back and think about all the wonderful times I had with them......those memories are so pleasant that no words can describe it...

Firstly let me share with you a few memories I have with my Dadu(grandfather). He was a very talented doctor loved and respected by all. When he treated any poor patient, he would never take money from them. His house would be filled with people anytime of the day , some would come to visit him and other for his help...he would help everyone to the best of his ability and even beyond.

Mamoni(my mom) told me thats as soon as my Dadu saw me just after I was born he named me 'Bulbuli'....and thats what he would call me always...that name for me was very private to him and no one else was allowed to use it :) . As a kid I was a very good gal---never like to eat out, never lie, all the goody things and the one person who did not like all that was my Dadu. He would always say kids are supposed to be mischievous and when with him I was allowed to do anything I wanted ---- neither he nor anyone else could scold me. Visiting them during the holidays was something I always looked forward...they would be so fun filled, he had one reply for everything I said or asked -- YES

I love eating jalebis and I got this habit from him. During my school vacations we always spent it with them, in the evenings he would say everyone that he is going for a walk and would take me along. Our walk would always end in the nearby sweet stall :) , he used to love jalebis and we both would enjoy it to our hearts content . As soon as our jalebi hunt would be over, he would say dont go and tell mom....and I would try my best not to so that next day we can again go for OUR WALK.

Anything that I ever wanted, I would tell him and he would always get it for me no matter what. During the festival times I would be lingering around him coz he would not only give me pocket money but would also take me for sightseeing. I still remember the time when he was very ill there was a fair in the town, as he could not take me he made all the arrangements with the neighbours so that I could go. He gave me money so that I enjoyed myself.....I was so foolish as I didnt realized how ill he was rather I kept on pestering him to come along. And he even tried but his health stopped him.
And to me he was my best Dadu, filled with love and mischief..

Do you wanna see my Dida through my eyes.....its a picture of a lady who was beautiful and loving. She left me last year, and the every thought of not seeing her anymore makes my heart very heavy. She is the only grandparent with whom I have spent a lot of time and she was very dear to me.....and I have always felt the immense love she had for me and everyone. She was a wonderful cook....she would never use extra spices but we would all end up licking our fingers. She was a wonderful person...she was loved by every person who met her even for ones. She was a loving mother and a wonderful mother-in-law, she never distinguished her daughters from her daughter-in-laws, actually she used to care about her daughter-in-laws more.

She was a strong lady, she had been ill since many years but so long as she could she tried to do all her work on her own.....can you believe when she was bed-ridden she was not worried about herself rather she was worried about My youngest Mami(Maternal Uncle's Wife). Dida used to stay with my youngest maternal uncle and aunty---- Kuttimamu and Monima, and when I would be alone with my Dida, she would say that Kuttimamu and Monima are not having a life coz of her---- she was so concerned with everyone. 
I would often ask her to come here with me, she was very excited of this idea...had she been a little better I would have loved to have her here with me.

The biggest regret I will have all my life is that whenever she talked to me she would ask me to visit her. And I had been promising her since 1.5 years that I would visit her soon and she would often say she doesnt wanna leave without seeing me for the last time but I am so unlucky that she actually left me before I could keep my words and met for the last time. I was so lost in my life that I missed the precious person in my life and now I keep regretting and crying but I can never change my mistake.....I am sorry Dida.

I am sure for all of us, our grandparents are the rarest gem that we never wanna let go. I have never been with my paternal grandparents and I do regret it always, but the love that I have got from my maternal grandparents is something I will treasure all my life...... I know they will be with me forever but I miss seeing them around.



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